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The Importance of Setting Goals

Having goals, no matter how long-term or short-term, can be a motivating factor that keeps you growing. For students, setting goals can help them reach their dreams, whether they're academic goals or life goals in general. Learn more about why goal setting is so...

How to Ease Back to School Jitters

While some students may be excited by the idea of going back to school, others may struggle with it. If your child is feeling uneasy about the return of school for whatever reason, do your best to help them deal with their fears. Use these tips to get started.



How to Prepare Your Child for College This Summer

Help your child make the most of their summer by encouraging them to use their free time to prepare for college applications.

Gather Their Accomplishments

Universities definitely look at students' grades and test scores, but that's not all they...

The Importance of Summer Reading Practice

Did you know that not reading over the summer can cause a regression in reading levels? This is one of the dangers of the summer slide caused by not staying academically active during summer break. To help your child hold onto their lessons and continue...

How Summer Tutoring Can Help All Students

Although tutoring is often seen as a last resort for struggling students, it is actually great for all types of students. Take advantage of your student's extra free time this summer and enroll them in a great summer tutoring program.

Benefits for...


Help Your Child Successfully Bring the School Year to a Close

The end of the school year can be a challenge for all, including parents, teachers, and students. Help your child end the school year on a positive note with these tips.

End of Year Stress and Anxiety

Many students have a hard time...
If you haven't heard of academic burnout, this post can help you understand what its all about and how you can help your child combat it with tutoring and other techniques.

Help Your Student Avoid Academic Burnout

Academic burnout is a condition that can affect many students, especially those who...

Tips for Parents Struggling with Homework

For many parents, it's been quite a few years since they stepped into a classroom as a student. Because of this, it's no surprise that some parents may struggle to help their children complete homework, especially when their children are older. Even so,...

How to Write a Great Essay

If you've been assigned an essay, use these basic tips to help you write the best draft possible.

Choose a Topic

Choosing the topic may not always be up to you. When you're assigned an essay, you will either be given a general topic, a question to answer, or the liberty...

Help Your Child Set Goals for the Rest of the School Year

As we start a new year, it's a great time to write down some goals for the remainder of the school year. Sit down with your child and figure out what they would like to accomplish this year and how you can be more supportive. To help you...


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