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Being a good reader seems to be a rare skill in children these days; they spend the whole day checking their social networks and swiftly moving their thumbs on their smart phones and tablets. Are your children like that? 

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to teach your children...
We are right in the middle of the summer and by now your children are probably enjoying their free time to the maximum: outdoor activities, waking up late and spending time with friends. That’s great, but you should also worry about keeping their academic skills in shape so they are ready for the...
Being able to pay attention is one of the most useful tools your child can have to succeed in school (and life). Still, it’s not always easy to keep them focused! If you’re having a bit of trouble with your child in this area, The Tutoring Center in Sugar Land will share with you a few tips on...
Summer is the perfect time to evaluate the school year that just ended; if the grades of your children weren’t the ones you expected, you are probably wondering how to help them. There are many things that can be affecting the academic achievement of your children, and one of the most overlooked...
If your children are in high school, you have probably heard them talk about the SAT very often. Behind these three letters, there is an aptitude test that is a major cause of stress and anxiety for many students.

If you don’t know much about this examination, The Tutoring Center in Sugarland, TX...
As you know, summer is fast approaching, which means your children will be out of school soon enough. However, this vacation period can become a problem if your child does nothing but play video games and watch TV all day!

In this post, The Tutoring Center in Sugar Land will share with you a few...
To children, summer is the time to play and be lazy. However, you should aim to keep their bodies and minds occupied in helpful and constructive activities! You can enroll them in a sport (for example) to keep their bodies healthy , but if you want them to also reinforce their academic abilities,...
Your tasks as a responsible parent never end. You have to take care of every small detail of their lives. However, there is one main area that requires especial attention: school.

At school, they will not only learn to read and write, but they will also acquire social skills and other tools that...
Each kid is different, which means that each one probably learns about the world in a unique, distinctive way. The problem is that many teachers (understandably) can’t cater to each individual learning style, which may result in your child not doing great in school!

If you want to aid your child,...
Do you sweat, chew your pencil, and feel butterflies in your stomach as your teacher hands out a test? A lot of people (adults included) get freaked out when it's time to take a test.It's natural to feel some stress about taking tests. In fact, sometimes a little adrenaline (a hormone made by...


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