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Choose the Right Setting to Discuss Their Grades

Whenever we discuss challenging topics with our loved ones, it’s essential to choose the right time and place, which also goes for teenagers and their grades. Choose a time where everyone is in a good mood. It’s important to hold your child...

When Should You Start Studying for the SAT?

With the SAT coming up soon, students and their parents wonder when it would be best to start studying. Even though many teenagers have plans to relax for the summer, adding an hour or two of SAT prep to each day can reduce stress and emergency...

Easy Ways to Combat Test Stress

Tests can be very stressful and anxiety-inducing for many students. If your child often gets overwhelmed just by the idea of a test, it can be helpful to teach them some tips to reduce these negative feelings.

Make Time to Study

An easy way for your child to feel...

Signs of Burnout in Students

Academic burnout is becoming more and more prevalent as academics get more and more competitive. If you're concerned that your student may be experiencing this, look out for the signs below.

Constant Exhaustion

Students suffering from burnout will be constantly...

Grow from Mistakes

When a student gets a bad grade, they may feel like giving up. Whether they're embarrassed, afraid to ask for help, or think they aren't capable of doing better, it's important that you help them overcome whatever is holding them back.

Focus on Learning

While it can be hard to...

School Habits to Focus On

School can be overwhelming for students, but it can be made a bit easier with the right habits. To help your child develop some helpful habits, use these tips.

Make Organization a Priority

Getting organized is a must because it can help your child relax a bit and keep...

Get Your Child to Do Their Homework Right Away

Although you may want your child to get to work on their homework as soon as they get home, the opposite may actually happen. If your child is staying up late in order to complete homework because they procrastinated, use these tips to help them...

Activities to Encourage Your Child to Write More

Writing can be a fun activity if your child can find an area in it they enjoy. If your child hasn't done that yet, use these tips to encourage them to practice writing and improve their skills.

Write to Friends

During breaks from school, your...

Make Math Less Intimidating for Your Student

It's no secret that many students don't like math, and that may be an understatement. Even so, math is an important part of school that they can learn to like. To help your child get more comfortable with math and maybe even enjoy it, use these tips.



Tips for Reading a Textbook Effectively

Textbooks are an integral part of school, but that doesn't mean your child will love them. In fact, many textbooks can be tough to read, causing your child some frustration. Help them get the most out of their reading with these tips.

Take Notes While...


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