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How to Encourage Your Child to Read This Summer

Summer is a great time for your child to take a break from the stresses of school, but keeping their minds active will help stop the summer slide. Also known as the summer brain drain, the summer slide is the loss of knowledge that students may...

Tips to Help You Prepare for End of the Year Exams Near Houston

End of the year exams can be quite intimidating for most students. Because some classes will test them on all the material they learned through the course of the school year, some students may even feel overwhelmed by the amount of...

Make It Through a Hard Math Problem Without Losing Your Mind

If you're having trouble getting through a tough math problem, don't stress. Instead follow these simple tips from the The Tutoring Center in Sugar Land.

Carefully Read the Question

When you are first presented with the problem, take...
If your academic goal is to learn math and/or improve on it, you need to make a real effort. However, if you require a bit of direction knowing how to procede, in this post you'll find a few different ideas you can try if you're looking to become a skilled mathematician.

How to Become Better at...


Tutoring Techniques in Pecan Grove

It's important to remember, "what works for some children may not work for others." Each child learns differently. This is a crucial point for tutors to remember. You, as a parent, have the advantage of finding your child the right tutor, able to individualize...

The Importance of Confidence When Learning

Throughout your child's educational path they will be faced with challenges that can affect their confidence. Whilst it is important for your child to learn to work through these challenges, Tutoring Center in Sugarland has some subtle ways that you can...

Teach Your Child to Write a Book

When it comes to writing, children can easily become disinterested when solely writing responses to questions or direction. The Tutoring Centre in Sugar Land knows the importance of writing, and has a post to help your child write a book.
  • Let your child decide...

Easy to Follow Ideas to Boost Your Child's Reading

It's no surprise that to succeed in life your child will need an exceptionally high level of reading skills. In addition to providing tutoring in Sugar Land, The Tutoring Center, Sugar Land has some easy ways to help your child with their...

Improve Reading Skills with these Online Sites

Get your pre-reader moving, singing and on the road to becoming a fluent reader with internet websites designed for your young child.

Leading to Reading

Leading to Reading offers two levels, “Babies and Toddlers” and “Preschoolers." The first...

Active Parenting Tips to Get Cooking with Your Child

Active parenting is spending quality time with your child for them to achieve appropriate developmental skills and gain self-esteem. We know how important it is to interact and spend time with our child. Hectic lifestyles make that time hard...


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