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Rainy Day Activities to Try at Home

The rainy season is just around the corner, meaning plenty of evenings and weekend spent indoors as a result of the rainy weather. If your child gets antsy and bored quite quickly on these rainy days, keep them busy with some fun at-home activities.

Make Books Come to Life

Reading is a great rainy day activity, but if your child isn't quite excited to do some silent reading, add some fun to this activity. Have your child pick a book that you can read together. Before you start taking turns reading aloud to each other, make it more fun by declaring that the reader has to read the story using different voices for each character. You can take this further by acting out the different scenes in the book together.

Work on Your Child's Motor Skills

Young students may still be developing the motor skills to complete tasks like writing neatly. Use a rainy day at home to sharpen these motor skills through a series of fun activities. Anything that involves hand-eye coordination will great for this. Activities like paper crafts (which involve cutting paper) are fun and help your child sharpen their motor skills. Other activities you can try include origami, beading, sewing, and making a puzzle.

Get to Work in the Kitchen

If your child is about to yell out that they're bored, invite them into the kitchen to bake some treats. Look for a recipe that will be easy for them to follow and have them get started. Have your child read the ingredients and directions and then have them gather the supplies needed. This activity will put their reading skills and measuring abilities to the test while also having them practice following directions.

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