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There has been some debate whether if reading fairy tales to children is good to their development or not. Some people say that fairy tales often times have really dark topics, especially old ones; for instance, death in general or lots of suffering. On the other hand, more recent Disney ones present the world in an overly happy-nothing-bad-ever-happens way, making children believe that good things will just happen instead of working for them. No matter what is your stance on the issue is, there are some benefits of reading fairy tales, and The Tutoring Center, Sugar Land TX will like you to know some today.

Reading in General

Let’s begin with the most obvious reason. Fairy tale or not, reading to your child, especially to younger ones, builds vocabulary and the understanding of how to use it. It enhances their imagination and creative process. If they enjoy reading with you, they might be more inspired to do so on their own. For older children The Tutoring Center, Sugar Land TX, offers reading programs to improve their comprehension skills. Call (281) 980-1242 for more information on tutoring in Sugar Land TX.

Choosing the Right Story

The first thing you should do, is read the story on your own and decide if it’s something your child can handle, or if it is something you wouldn’t mind your child knowing about. Find stories with morals or lesson you would like your child to have. Pick stories that empower children. In girls cases, pick stories that show them they don’t need a man to come and rescue them; they can do things on their own and they can save themselves. Look for stories that use wit and brains, stories that promote friendship and teamwork, that show different cultures but are still relatable to your own.

Critical Thinking Skills

Let your children understand that there are consequences for all decisions and actions you make in life. They see the consequences of the characters' actions in the story and how the tale develops because of them. They can see that not all characters are good role models, but everyone has something to teach you. On their own, they will decide if they like a character or not, and why they feel that way. They will understand that when things happen, you have decisions to make. If you make good choices, things will probably work out for the best.

Fairy Tales Show How to Handle Problems

The characters in the story are always going through a situation and they manage to fix it in the end. Children might wonder what they would do if it were them in the story and how they would handle each situation. Fairy tales teach children to find a way to solve the problems life might bring to them.

Building Emotional Resiliency 

Challenges and problems exist in everyone’s life, and you shouldn’t be afraid of them; instead, you should find ways to live through them. Fairy tales teach children that bad times may come, but they will also go away. You may have challenging times, but they won't last forever. Fairy tales shouldn’t be sugarcoated, because they lose the essence of the story. Trying to hide the bad and scary parts diminishes the lesson that was supposed to be learned. Some experts say that in order for a fairy tale to leave a lasting impression it has to have these characteristics:
  • An existential problem: a new stepmother, a new home, a search for something. After the problem has been identified, the magic and adventure come in, and lastly, it must conclude with a happy ending.
  • Characters should be good or evil so children can better identify with them.
  • Children should hear the story a few times in order to grasp the message behind it.
  • You shouldn’t explain to children why they feel a connection to a specific story; let them figure it out on their own.

Fantasy to Fight Fear

Fairy tales tell stories of strangers and animals going through situations children might find relatable. Children get to live their feelings through these characters without having to actually go through the trials and tribulations. As they compare what the heroes and villains live with and the problems they face in their life, children will realize that maybe their problems aren’t as big and scary as they make them out to be; hat they are actually something really common and that they can fix them. If the heroes got their happy ending, so will your children.  “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”  ― Albert Einstein

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Fairy tales are a great source for learning through reading. For more ideas about learning through reading, call us at The Tutoring Center, Sugar Land TX. Our specialists will talk to you about our reading programs. Our number is (281) 980-1242, make sure to schedule a free diagnostic assessment for tutoring in Sugar Land TX.


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