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 When it comes to your child’s education you’ve surely thought about how well your child would do if all of his or her education was done on an individual basis. Do to larger class sizes and overworked teachers in many school districts however, it is simply impossible for your child to get much one on one time with the teacher. Are you aware that The Tutoring Center in Sugar Land operates solely using the one on one method of tutoring? Today we would like to share some of the benefits of this type of tutoring with you.

When your child is in the classroom with all of his or her peers you can expect that there will be many distractions. These distractions may come in the form of children being children, the clock ticking, or the fact that your child is hungry. The teacher may be moving on from topic to topic, not realizing that your child has fallen behind in the lesson. One on one tutoring will help your child to remain focused. The tutor only has your child in the room and will be able to take note when your child is not paying attention or does not understand a concept, and will be able to stop and work in a different way with your child.

Likewise, one on one tutoring is individualized. Until your child has grasped the first concept, the tutor will not move on. There is no need to finish something quickly and move on to the next step as the tutoring is focused on your child and his or her needs. You can expect then, that when your child is being tutored he or she will have more time to understand and grasp those concepts which are troubling.

Lastly, you can expect that your child will be given the room to grow and develop in his or her learning. Often times when there is a classroom of peers and you are seemingly the only one who doesn’t understand something, it can be intimidating to ask for clarification. However, in one on one tutoring your child will have a level of confidence with the tutor, as they are the only other person in the room. Your child will feel more free to ask for clarification when something is not understood and the tutor will work with your child to ensure the best understanding possible.  

Your child is able to reach academic success. He or she may simply need a bit more one one one time with a teacher. At The Tutoring Center we can offer that to your child through both our trained and professional tutors and our peer tutors. For tutoring in Sugar Land, contact us at (281) 980-1242.


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