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Exercises That Can Increase Your Child's Mental Math Skills

Many people may argue that with today's technology mental math is a thing of the past. This is far from the truth. If your student is struggling with simple math, don't pass them the calculator. Instead, help them develop their math fluency with these simple tips.

Memorize Some Information

Memorization is often looked down on in education because learning to solve a problem instead of the just memorizing the answer will be much more effective in the long run. There are, however, some things your child can and should memorize to make solving larger problems easier. Help your child memorize things like their multiplication tables, simple division, basic square roots, and squares.

Break Problems Down

Breaking down a problem that looks quite tough can make it much easier to solve. For example, if your child is trying to figure out the answer to 5x8, making some simple changes to this problem can make it much easier. Your child can change the 5 to a 10 by multiplying it by 2. They're now left with 10x8, a much easier problem to solve mentally. (Keep in mind that when multiplying by 10 your child only needs to add a 0 to number being multiplied.) This leaves them with 80, which they can now divide by 2 to get to the final answer, 40.

Practice Speed Drills

Speed drills will push your child to think fast but also logically. These can be used as quick games or even boredom busters. The fact that they're quick can make them a lot more fun than sitting down to complete more lengthy math problems. Look for printouts for your child to complete in a minute or look for online games that include a timer. Your child may notice an improvement in their skills over time, so don't let them get discouraged.

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