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Activities to Encourage Your Child to Write More

Writing can be a fun activity if your child can find an area in it they enjoy. If your child hasn't done that yet, use these tips to encourage them to practice writing and improve their skills.

Write to Friends

During breaks from school, your child may be stuck at home and even indoors if the weather isn't great outdoors. If they're getting bored doing the same thing every day, encourage them to write to their friends. Everyone loves getting mail, so have them write letters or postcards they can put in the mail. They may even get one back, which can be fun.

Use a Journal

Journaling is an excellent activity for students of all ages because they can write about anything. You can create a writing challenge for them with daily writing prompts or have them free-write once a day. Let them choose what they prefer so that they stay motivated and keep up with it.

Join in the Writing

To keep your child motivated, be sure to join them. Set the right example by sitting down to write yourself. Whether it's a novel you've always wanted to work on, letters to friends, or journal writing, make sure your child sees you participating as well.

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