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Make Math Less Intimidating for Your Student

It's no secret that many students don't like math, and that may be an understatement. Even so, math is an important part of school that they can learn to like. To help your child get more comfortable with math and maybe even enjoy it, use these tips.

Slow It Down

There are many instances in which a student is pushed to complete their math problems as fast as they can. Unfortunately, this sort of practice can make students more anxious around math and push them to give up. Since they feel the pressure to go fast, a simple roadblock is all they will need to freeze and give up. Instead, allow your child to take their time and go through the necessary steps to solve a problem. Teach them how to work through roadblocks and avoid the pressure of timed tests.

Work Towards a Growth Mindset

Many students think that being good at math is just a talent some students have. This sort of mindset can make it harder for students to believe in their own abilities. Steer your child towards a growth mindset where they recognize that with hard work and practice they can improve their own skills. This will make math less intimidating and once they see their improvements, they'll feel more motivated to continue growing.

Make Math More Fun

Finally, math can be boring and challenging, so do your best to make it more fun. This can be as easy as turning it into a game or practicing basic math skills during a family game night. You can also use their favorite toys to explain a math problem. Find creative ways to get your child interested and make practicing math fun.

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