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As the school year is well underway, it is important to remind you and your child of the importance of effective note taking during the school year. You know that taking great notes is a good start studying for your exams, and to ensure you will do well on those tests! The Tutoring Center in Sugar Land has prepared a list of 12 short and simple steps to help you take the best notes possible!

When it comes time to take notes, it is important that you remember to only write down the key facts. If you attempt to write down every word the teacher is saying, you’ll find that you will grow tired rather quickly. Pay attention to the concepts the teacher continues to repeat and remember that, as a general rule, if your teacher writes it down, you should too. 

If you’ve missed a concept, do not be afraid to ask. You might not want to ask in the middle of the class, so save space to write down what you’ve missed later. You can ask your teacher after class or check with a classmate to see what you might have missed. 

If you’ve been blessed with excellent handwriting you especially may not think that this part is necessary, however, rewriting your notes is not only helpful to ensure you understand what you’ve written down, but can also hope you reflect on the notes and retain the information. Therefore, even if you’ve written them well the first time, rewriting them is a great way to study. 

Organization is so important in effective note taking. When you’re able to find what you need, where you left off in your notes, and what you’re going to study for an exam, that is thanks to organization. Even if the teacher does not specifically require you to keep your notes in one notebook or folder, do so. Have individual folders or sections for each class, and a place where you’ll specifically write your notes. See our guide to staying organized for further tips.

Even if you are following these tips and taking excellent notes, it is certainly still possible that you will feel the need for some extra help in an academic area. If this is the case, remember that The Tutoring Center is here for you. Give us a call at 281-980-1242 to schedule a free diagnostic test and if you require tutoring in Sugar Land!


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