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If you want to learn an unknown word's meaning, spelling, its pronunciation, words related to it, its part of speech and more, it's likely that you'll look in a dictionary. This is because dictionaries can be very helpful learning tools. However, in order to get the most out of them, they need to be used appropriately. For this reason, this post will go over a few tips on how you can teach your child to use the dictionary.

How to Use a Dictionary

Memorize the Alphabet

The order the letters are in is crucial information that your child should learn before using the dictionary. Help them go over the alphabet, and even sing along to the alphabet song so they can learn it.

Give Them an Appropriate Dictionary

While there's a big variety of dictionaries out there (e.g., for translations, for medicine, for legal terms), your child should start with a simple, updated, soft cover, pocket-sized English dictionary.

Go over the Dictionary and Its Components

As mentioned above, when used right, the dictionary can help you in different ways. This is why you should teach your child about the components of the dictionary (such as the thesaurus) and how to use them.

Search for Unknown Words

If your child wants to look for a word in the dictionary, tell them to start by searching for the word's first letter. Once they find it and they're in its section in the dictionary, they should use the guide words above the pages to assess if the word they want is on a particular page.

Work on Understanding the Definitions

Finally, using the dictionary effectively means learning and understanding the words' meanings. If something in the definition isn't clear, encourage your child to search for the words in it so they have a better idea of the first word's meaning.

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