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Grow from Mistakes

When a student gets a bad grade, they may feel like giving up. Whether they're embarrassed, afraid to ask for help, or think they aren't capable of doing better, it's important that you help them overcome whatever is holding them back.

Focus on Learning

While it can be hard to look past a bad grade, get your child in the habit of understanding what went wrong. When they get a test back with tons of red marks, have them go over the answers they got wrong so that they can learn from this. It's also important that if they did poorly because they didn't study, they learn to change these habits in the future.

Don't Quit After a Mistake

After a bad grade or a poor performance at an extracurricular activity, your child may not be feeling so confident. They may be tempted to give up and just accept that they're not as good as their peers, but this isn't the right attitude. Help your child see that one blunder doesn't define them nor does it mean that they aren't as good as their peers.

Lose the Fear of Asking for Help

Finally, get your child in the habit of asking for help when they need it. This can be tough for many students because they're embarrassed or think it makes them look dumb. Show your child how often you ask for help and how this helps you reach your best.

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