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How to Write a Great Essay

If you've been assigned an essay, use these basic tips to help you write the best draft possible.

Choose a Topic

Choosing the topic may not always be up to you. When you're assigned an essay, you will either be given a general topic, a question to answer, or the liberty to choose your own topic. When choosing your topic, stick to something you're interested in or something that you already have a basic understanding of. This will make writing your essay more interesting and easier to complete. Once you have your topic, decide what tone your essay will have. Will it be formal or casual, are you trying to persuade someone or simply inform them? Remember that the tone will be set by your vocabulary selection, so stick to words that keep your tone clear.

Make an Outline

Once you have the topic and tone figured out, it's time to organize how you will develop your argument. Before you start writing, it's best to sort out the different parts of your essay and what they will contain in general terms. You can start by brainstorming ideas and finding links between them. Once you have your main ideas, create an outline. Your outline should include space for your introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Each main idea should be assigned a separate body paragraph that will be completed with supporting evidence. Do your best to keep these in an order that makes sense.

Do Some Research

Most academic essays require that you do some research so that you have credible support for the main ideas you include in your work. For a strong essay, you will need to find credible sources that support and prove your main ideas. Examples of good sources include books, newspaper articles, academic journals, films, and websites. Websites can be a bit tricky because just about anyone can publish anything on the web. Before using the information from a website, verify that the domain is credible and that the information has an author or date of publication. As you complete your research, be sure to take notes and write down important quotes that you can include in your essay. Remember that whatever material you used to write your essay should be properly cited in the essay and in a bibliography attached to your work.

Focus on Your Thesis

Now that you have everything sorted and organized, it's time to write your thesis statement. This sentence will be included at the end of your introduction paragraph and will explain the topic and the point of your essay. Your thesis should make your stance on the subject clear and should indicate what your essay is about. If your essay is in response to a question, your thesis should make your answer to it is clear. For even more help writing an effective essay, trust the tutors at The Tutoring Center, Sugar Land TX. To learn more about how their academic programs and one-to-one tutoring approach can help your child become a better writer, give them a call at (281) 980- 1242.

Write the Body Paragraphs

After writing a solid thesis statement, focus your attention on the body paragraphs. Each body paragraph should be dedicated to one main idea that helps support your thesis statement. Start each body paragraph by introducing the main idea and then focus on including supporting details for that idea. This is where your research will come in. Use your notes and quotes to support the main idea of the paragraph making sure to cite everything properly. Close each body paragraph with a concluding sentence that ties everything together.

Write a Great Introduction

Once your body paragraphs are complete, go back and write your introduction. A great introduction will set the tone for your essay, broadly introduce readers to the topic, and grab the readers' attention. Your introduction shouldn't be too long, and it should end with your thesis statement.

Finish the Essay

Finally, finish off your essay by writing a conclusion. Your concluding paragraph is what brings your essay to a close so that it doesn't just end abruptly. This is where you can tie up loose ends and sum up your ideas. Use this last paragraph to reinforce your thesis once more as you bring the paper to an end.

Review Your Work

Although you've finished the writing part of your essay, the work isn't over. After you complete your conclusion, step away from your work for a bit. Return later with fresh eyes and an open mind ready to proofread your work. Look for spelling, grammar, and style issues. Fix awkward wording and make sure that your essay supports your thesis or answers the essay prompt. You'd be surprised to find that after all the writing work some students stray from the question and end up leaving it unanswered. Once you're satisfied with your essay, have at least two other people proofread it for you. Ask for corrections as well as their opinion. Listen to their feedback and make all the necessary corrections to your essay. After typing up your final draft, you're ready to turn it in!

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