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Early Math Skills for Young Learners

It's not uncommon for students just entering school to already have a well-developed set of academic skills. In fact, it's best to start teaching your child basic lessons in order to lay down an academic foundation they can build on once they enter school. Start your child off with these easy yet important math lessons before they enter their first year of classes.

Number Sense

Number sense basically refers to your child's ability to count. Start your child off with the basics: counting forward. Once they master this skill, teach your child something a little more complex like how to count backward. If they're able to master this skill, next up would be recognizing the relationship between numbers, in other words, basic math operation like addition and subtraction.

Estimate Sizes and Amounts

Estimating requires that your child makes an educated guess about the size or amount of something. You may remember having to guess how many marbles are in a jar or how many of a certain object fit inside of another object. These types of activities involve estimating because they require that the guesser compares sizes and makes an educated guess to resolve the question. This can be hard for young students, so start them off easy. For example, you can ask them if they fit in or under objects around your house. Use words like bigger than/smaller than, less, and more to compare objects.

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