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Teach Your Child to Write a Book

When it comes to writing, children can easily become disinterested when solely writing responses to questions or direction. The Tutoring Centre in Sugar Land knows the importance of writing, and has a post to help your child write a book.
  • Let your child decide the content. This is perhaps the most important. While this is an educational exercise, it’s their educational exercise. Encourage your child to be as creative as they like when choosing the general topics and themes of their book or story. The more connected they feel, the more their creativity and learning will flow.
  • Teach your child the importance of structure. Okay, this is where you come in. Show your child how to plan a story, explaining to them the purposes of the beginning, middle and end to stories as a general format. Once they have thought about the idea for their book, have them write two or three lines which describe each part of their story. Then, expand from there.
  • Introduce characters and places. Whether they be people, objects or even animals, every story needs characters. With your child, develop the basics for characters they can implement in their story. Whilst it is important that they be creative and descriptive, don’t spend too much time on the character detail. The lesson is in the writing.
  • Let the writing begin. Sit back and let your child’s imagination flourish. Give them as much or as little supervision as you feel they are comfortable with, but always stay close just in case. If you want to become involved, as your child completes a page, read it and draw a basic illustration for them to include alongside their story.
  • Encourage their interest. If this exercise is something that your child really enjoys, then don’t hold back. Be sure to actively encourage their efforts and provide them with any tools they need to explore the wonderful world of writing.

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Activities like these that combine creativity and learning are great complements to the benefits tutoring in Sugar Land can provide. Speak with a learning professional on (281) 980 1242 about how The Tutoring Center in Sugar Land can give your child an educational advantage.


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