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Keep Your Child Working Hard Through the End of the School Year

Towards the end of the school year, it's not uncommon for students to lose their focus. They may be so excited for summer break that they no longer pay much attention in class. To help your child stay focused while also going to school from home, use these tips.

Shake Things Up

Chances are you have a routine in place that your child follows daily. While routines are great for keeping things in order, they can also get boring and predictable. If your child is bored and losing interest, shake up their routine a tiny bit to keep them on their toes. You don't have to do anything major for them to feel a change. Something as simple as moving their workspace to a new area in your home or changing up the order of their classes can be enough to keep them interested.

Take Lessons Outdoors

With the summer quickly approaching, chances are that the weather is looking pretty great. Take advantage of the warmer temperatures and take some of your lessons outside. If you have space in the patio, why not set up a workspace out there? Similarly, you can take silent reading out into the yard.

Find Interactive Lessons

Finally, try to make your child's lessons more fun by making them interactive. Rather than just having your child read out of a textbook all day, look for ways to bring their lessons to life. Kitchen science experiments, role-playing, or even just using sidewalk chalk to practice math problems on the sidewalk can make their lessons more engaging.

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