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If you’re a student, you know that there are some classes where, no matter how much you try, for whatever reason, you just can’t bring yourself to pay attention. Still, you need to stay focused so you can have an effective learning experience!

So, in order to help you out in this department, The Tutoring Center in Sugar Land has a few tips you can put to good use to keep your concentration in class.

How to Pay Attention in Class 

1. Prepare yourself for class by practicing healthy habits (for example, eat well and rest enough at night). Also, make sure get ready mentally for class.

2. Sit in a strategic place away from friends or windows, so you won’t get distracted by them during class. Pick a spot near the front so you can see the teacher clearly.

3. Your body language not only expresses how you feel, but it can also change your mood. Sit up straight and face forward to be more receptive.

3. Avoid getting distracted by your smart phone by putting it away (and even shutting it off completely while you’re in the classroom). 

4. It can be increasingly harder to pay attention if you don’t understand the lessons. Try to take in the information and understand the logic behind it to concentrate better.

5. Another way to pay attention, and to have study material for later, is to focus on taking good notes. Write comprehensible information in an organized manner. 

6. Participate in the discussions and class activities, share your thoughts on a subject and raise your hand to ask questions if something isn’t clear!

7. If there’s one day where you can’t bring yourself to focus, just make sure to not distract your classmates or disrupt the class’ rhythm.

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