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A new school year started already and your children are probably experiencing mixed feelings. On one hand, they will miss all the summer activities and sleeping in everyday. On the other, they may be excited to start a new school year. 

Providing your children with the abilities they need to have a great school start is your main goal, and organization is something that spreads throughout many areas of your children’s lives. For this reason, at The Tutoring Center in Sugar Land, we would like to share some useful ideas to help your child get organized. 

Schedule it!

 There are many ways to help your children organize and manage their time; perhaps the most effective is creating a schedule. Once you find out the subjects they will be taking this year, sit together and fix a timetable - make sure to include time for breaks and, if the task is too complicated, divide it into smaller chunks. Don’t forget to praise their efforts, that way, your children will stay motivated. 

Create a Study Space

Children learn in different ways; some may need background noise while they study, others require complete silence. Observe your children’s behavior and find a spot in your home that adapts to their learning style. Provide them with all the school supplies they need to do the task, remove any distractions and don’t interrupt them while they study. Don’t forget this guide to create a study environment. 


You shouldn’t forget this place! There are backpacks with different sections to keep their school supplies in place. However, remember that your children shouldn’t carry more than 15% of their body weight on their backs. It’s important that they only carry what they need. Try using colored folders or binders to keep organized the material for each subject.  

If your children are behind grade level, you can help them catch up with their class by enrolling them in a tutoring program. That way, you will be sure they have the skills and strategies they need for a successful academic future.

The Tutoring Center system will prepare your children for the upcoming academic challenges. We know that the strengths and weaknesses of our students are different, that’s why we offer a free diagnostic assessment to know more about their needs. Consider us next time you are looking for tutoring in Sugar Land. 

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