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As you know, summer is fast approaching, which means your children will be out of school soon enough. However, this vacation period can become a problem if your child does nothing but play video games and watch TV all day!

In this post, The Tutoring Center in Sugar Land will share with you a few tips, so your child can practice his/her grammar or spelling skills, even during vacation.

How to Practice Grammar Over Summer

Encourage Reading

Reading is not only great to expand your child’s imagination, but it’s also an effective way to sharpen their grammar and spelling abilities! By reading, they’ll be inadvertently practicing the correct forms and phrases that should be used.

Keeping a Journal

There’s no better form of developing a skill than practicing it! Inspire your child to start a journal to document all of his/her summer experiences. This way, s/he’ll be exercising these abilities, while creating a chronicle that s/he can look back on years later.

Give Them Exercises

You can look up some grammar or spelling worksheets on the internet and you can hand them on to your child. Encourage him/her to complete them by providing incentives or rewards.

Get a Tutor

Summer learning loss is a big concern among parents. If you see that your child has trouble with grammar, but doesn’t want to do anything about it during this period, then a tutor may be handy!

Here at The Tutoring Center, we have expert tutors that will help your child reach his/her academic potential, no matter what subject they’re having trouble with. Call (281) 980-1242 if you’re searching for tutoring in Sugar Land!


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