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How to Take on the End of the School Year Successfully

As June gets underway, the end of the school year is just days away. While many students may already be in vacation mode, it's important to not lose sight of the finish line. To help your child end the school year on the right foot, use these tips.

Stick to the Same Routines

Your child probably struggled to grow accustomed to routines like their after-school activities and their homework or study schedule. They worked so hard to develop them, so don't let them fall out of these routines before the school year comes to its official end. There are still exams to study for and homework assignments to complete, even if your child thinks these no longer matter. They'll be glad they stuck to these routines once they see their final grades.

Focus on the Finish Line

It's easy to blow off final exams and presentations because you're busy dreaming of summer break, but don't let your child lose sight of the finish line. Remind them that they've worked hard to get to where they are, so throwing it all away at the end would be unfortunate. Help them study and prepare for final assessments so that they stay motivated all the way through the end.

Address Stress and Anxiety

Many students have to deal with stress and test related anxiety when it comes to important exams like finals. If you notice your child is more stressed than usual or if they're losing sleep over an exam, sit down with them to discuss what's bothering them. You may be able to help them unload some of their stress, making finals less anxiety-inducing.

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