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SAT Prep Tips for Students

As your child's SAT test date approaches, they're probably getting more and more nervous by the day. Since this test can affect their academic future, it makes sense that it can make students feel stressed out and anxious. To help your child calm their nerves and prepare for the test, use these SAT prep tips.

Get to Know the SAT

To help your child lose some of the nerves they're feeling around the SAT, sit down with them and do some research on the test. Clearing up questions about what they'll be tested on, how long the test is, what the format is like, and what they should be studying will make the test seem a lot less intimidating. Getting to know all of the basic information about the test will also help your child prepare more effectively.

Create a Study Plan

Having a study plan will not only make it easier for your child to study everything that will be covered on the test, but it will also help them commit to actually studying regularly. However, before your child creates their plan have them take a practice test first. This will give them a clear idea of how far their current skills will take them. They can identify the areas where they should focus more of their study time and areas that they've already mastered so that they don't waste precious study time.

Practice Test Taking Skills

There are tons of test-taking skills that can help your child reach a higher score that have nothing to do with the knowledge they have. For example, the SAT doesn't have penalties for wrong answers so your child is better off answering every question. They may just earn some crucial points as a result of a good guess. It also helps to teach your child the process of elimination to narrow down their answer choices since the SAT is mostly multiple choice questions.

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