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How to Help Your Child Spend Less Time in Front of Screens

Screens have become a normal part of most students' lives because they're used for everything, from entertainment to academics. However, all this time being spent absorbed in a screen can be bad for your child's physical health as well as their mental health. To be sure they step away from their screens every so often, use these tips to regulate their screen time.

Make Screen Time a Privilege

Cellphones, tablets, video games, laptops, and even the television are probably all part of your child's daily routine so it makes sense that screen time seems like the norm. However, turning it into a privilege or reward can help your child spend less time absorbed in their screens. Instead of letting your child get home and turn on the television right away, let them know that the television is off limits until after their homework is done. Moves like this can help reduce their screen time while also making it less of a norm.

Set Limits

Along with turning electronics into a reward, it can also help to set limits to where electronics can be used. For example, make your child's study space an electronics-free zone so that they aren't constantly getting distracted by their social media notifications and texts. The dinner table is also an area where electronics shouldn't be permitted, and this goes for every member of your family.

Prepare Alternative Activities

At first, it may be hard for your child to get used to spending less time in front of screens, but being prepared with alternative activities can help. You can host a family game night where no cellphones or tablets are allowed. Take your family out on a hike and ensure everyone leaves their cellphone on silent and in their pocket. With these types of activities, your child may not even miss their time in front of a screen.

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