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Homework can be a lot more helpful than you realize: aside from being a way to practice what was learned in school, it also helps develop a sense of responsibility in your child. However, as a parent, you can also come into the equation and provide assistance with homework if your child requires it. If you’d like to know what to do, The Tutoring Center in Sugar Land has this post for you. 

How to Help Your Child with Homework 

1. Make sure s/he has everything s/he needs to do his/her homework. This includes a suitable study space, school supplies, a set time frame and a positive environment.

2. Work with your child to set doable goals and teach him/her about study strategies. For example, if your child finds a subject challenging, make sure s/he focuses on it more.

3. Be approachable and available in case your child needs help deciphering what’s being asked of him/her or if s/he needs you to explain a lesson again.

4. If you try to solve every problem for your child, you won’t be helping. Let him/her work, and work the homework out on his/her own.

5. Check your child’s homework once s/he is done with it. This way, you can learn if there are areas of struggle or if there are any mistakes that can be corrected.

6. If you notice that your child needs extra assistance, consider getting a tutor! An expert will work with him/her at an individualized pace and will adapt to the learning style of your child.

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