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Tips for Parents Struggling with Homework

For many parents, it's been quite a few years since they stepped into a classroom as a student. Because of this, it's no surprise that some parents may struggle to help their children complete homework, especially when their children are older. Even so, it's important for parents to get involved and turn homework into a positive learning experience.

The Importance of Homework

Although many students may complain about having to complete homework, there are actually quite a few good reasons behind it. Having students complete homework after class will help them remember the lessons they learned and will also help them get a better understanding of the material. By doing this work out of the classroom, the student will also benefit from practicing the material on their own and relying on their knowledge. Homework also helps students learn to manage time better and pushes them to become independent and responsible beings. While all of this is good and true, there should also be a balance between the amount of homework that is assigned and the amount of free time your child gets. Over time, you may notice your child's homework load increasing; this is perfectly normal and is part of the academic progression.

Why Parents Should Get Involved

Some parents may be reluctant to get involved in helping their children with homework, but there is no reason to shy away from it. Even if you aren't a huge academic, getting involved in your child's homework will reflect a positive attitude towards school and education. You can also get to know your child's academic needs, identify where your child is struggling, and improve communication between yourself and your child's teacher.

General Homework Tips

To help your child get the most out of their homework, follow these simple tips:
  • Provide a homework space. To help your child complete their homework effectively and efficiently, provide a productive homework space. The space should be quiet, well lit, away from distractions, and provide a comfortable work area.
  • Do homework together. Set the right example by working on your own "homework" tasks while your child works. For example, if your child is doing math homework, work alongside them while paying bills or balancing your finances.
  • Provide homework guidance. Parents shouldn't do their child's homework, but they can provide guidance. Avoid giving your child the answers and instead help them find a way to work towards the correct response.
  • Look for signs of a struggle. All students will struggle at some point, but identifying when a struggle is an issue is essential. This will allow you to get your child the specialized help they need before they fall behind in class.
Homework can be tricky for many parents, but luckily there are great resources that can help your child make the most of it. If your child could use more specialized help completing their homework, contact the tutors at The Tutoring Center, Sugar Land TX. They offer academic programs that can help your child with just about any subject. To learn more, give them a call at (281) 980- 1242.

Reading Homework Tips

  • Read together every night. Most students will be assigned daily reading tasks. Help your child take care of these by reading aloud together every night before bed. Find a quiet space free of distractions where you can both concentrate and enjoy reading.
  • Focus on phonics. As your child is reading, focus on their pronunciation of letters and words. If your child has to stop to sound out a word, have them reread the whole sentence once they have the pronunciation correct.
  • Ask questions. To ensure that your child understands what they are reading, stop and ask questions every once in a while. You can also ask your child to summarize what they read once they have completed their reading time.

Math Homework Tips

  • Look for additional resources. Math can be a tough subject for most parents, but that doesn't mean you should give up. If you're having trouble keeping up with your child's math homework, get in contact with their teacher. They can set you up with additional resources that can help you and your child.
  • Daily practice at home. Look for ways to have your child practice their math skills at home daily. Math activists include cooking, grocery shopping, planning routes for errands, and even fun board games.
  • Look into math tutoring. If your child is struggling to keep up in class, consider looking for additional resources outside of school. One great resource that can help your child get the attention they need is math tutoring.

Homework Help and Tutoring in Sugar Land TX

The Tutoring Center, Sugar Land TX can help your child overcome their homework struggles. To learn more about the academic programs they offer their one-to-one tutoring approach, give them a call at (281) 980- 1242.


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