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Establish Healthy Homework Habits

It's no secret that most children aren't fond of doing homework. Who can blame them? After a full day at school, having to complete even more school work at home sounds less than ideal. The reality, however, is that they have to do it. To get your child through homework time much more easily, use these tips.

Talk About Homework Expectations

Sitting down and talking to your child about homework is a great place to start. Use this time to let them know what you expect from them when it comes to homework. For example, you can establish a daily homework time or routine that they need to stick to. Let your child also express their expectations, such as always having the proper supplies or counting on your support when they're having a hard time. This is also a great time to establish boundaries. Let your child know that they are responsible for the work they do or don't do and the consequences that come with their actions. For example, make it clear that you won't ask their teacher for an extension on a project because they slacked off.

Stay Positive During Homework Time

Make homework a positive experience for your child. Avoid using homework or studying as a punishment because it will then become something negative. When possible, help your child with assignments and find ways to make studying more fun for them. Avoid bribing your child to do their homework and instead work on establishing healthy homework routines.

Identify Homework Issues

If your child is having trouble completing their homework daily, figure out the root of the issue. Your child may need additional help in the form tutoring or something more specialized. Talk to their teacher to figure out what may be causing your child issues.

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