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Choose the Right Setting to Discuss Their Grades

Whenever we discuss challenging topics with our loved ones, it’s essential to choose the right time and place, which also goes for teenagers and their grades. Choose a time where everyone is in a good mood. It’s important to hold your child accountable for their responsibilities, but it’s also true that the transition into high school can be challenging for many students. Keep this in mind when discussing the grades.

Focus on Their Effort and Learning

Another essential part of discussing low grades is to focus on the effort your teenager put into getting the grade they got. Take a look at the subjects where they did well and ask them what they think helped them get that grade. This is a great way to discuss positive study habits and help them figure out how they can apply those same strategies to other challenging subjects.

Make a Plan Together

Finally, help them make an improvement plan. As we mentioned earlier, being accountable for their grades is an integral part of gaining independence, and it’s a skill that teenagers should develop during high school. For example, having an overall goal, like taking a D grade to a B, can be achieved by making a plan and setting milestones so that the overall goal doesn’t become overwhelming.

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