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Summer Reading Activities

Summer reading may not be your child's idea of fun, but it actually can be a great way to pass the time during summer break. On top of being fun, summer reading can help your child fight the summer slide and even increase their reading level. To get them excited to read, use these tips.

Summer Reading Program

Most libraries host a summer reading program to ensure students continue to read during their summer break. Head over to your local branch and ask about their reading program. Oftentimes, these programs offer incentives to students after they reach certain milestones in order to keep them motivated. After enrolling your child, allow them to choose their own reading material so that you're sure they'll be eager to start reading as soon as they get home.

Prepare for a Vacation

Before you head out on a family vacation this summer, enlist your child's help planning the vacation. If you're heading to a foreign destination, have your child do some research on the history, culture, and points of interest your family may enjoy. You can even have your child present this information to your family so that they can see their hard work and information is being used to create your itinerary.

Alternative Reading Activities

Reading doesn't have to be all about novels and the classics. Help your child see this during their summer break by encouraging them to combine their interests with reading. For example, students who love baseball may enjoy reading a biography about a specific player or even a book about their favorite team. No matter what your child's interests include, help them find reading material that complements these.

Summer Tutoring in Sugar Land

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