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How to Guide Your Child and Not Control Them

The best way to ensure that your child finds homework to be an enjoyable pastime is to not micromanage the process of how they choose to complete their homework. A great example of not micromanaging is not needing to know exactly what homework they have before they do it. It is always a good idea to check their assignment sheets to know that assignments are being completed by their scheduled due dates. When your child completes their homework, review their homework diary with them to make sure that they've finished everything. If they have finished everything, make sure to reward or praise your child for their accomplishment. It is nice to give rewards sometimes but you shouldn't reward your child every time because they need to learn the intrinsic value of doing their work.

Find Out What Motivates Your Child

One of the best ways to motivate your child to do their homework is to remember a time where your child did their homework well with no fuss or issues. Find out what was different and what made your child want to work that time. If you find out what motivates your child to do their homework, it will save you a lot of guesswork and frustration in the long run. Some children need a break after school while others can accomplish their work faster if they get right to it. Some children can only focus in a quiet location while others need somebody to supervise them during their homework. Find out what works for your child. The Tutoring Center, Sugar Land TX has been here for when children need us the most. We provide second-to-none tutoring services in Sugar Land TX that will boost your child's self-esteem, confidence, and grades. Contact The Tutoring Center, Sugar Land TX today for your free assessment at (281) 980-1242.

Set the Necessary Scheduling and Structure in Place

Set a schedule and don't allow screen time or other activities until homework is finished. Remember to supervise the homework as well. Make sure your child keeps a homework diary to keep track of their due and upcoming assignments. Also, stay in touch with your child's teacher to make sure the homework is being finished if you're not sure that your child is being responsible about their homework. Also, you can make homework more structured by making sure it is done at the same time every night and in a public area of the house. You can also make a rule that the weekend activities don't begin happening until homework is completed.

Take a Break

Setting a study break for 10 minutes for every 20 minutes of homework is a great idea for keeping your child motivated. This doesn't only allow your child to relax and clear their head, it also allows your child to associate their hard work with a direct and positive consequence. Currently, there are many studies that support the fact that pausing for a moment to relax is essential for achieving productivity, success, and even a positive outlook on the future.

If Your Child Has ADHD

Make sure that your child moves around during their study time because walking around while studying helps keep a child's focus if they have ADHD. Also, if your child with ADHD can't move or walk around, fidgeting with certain items can provide small, controlled movements that can increase attention span and calm your child down as needed.

The Difference Between Guidance and Control

Guidance is all about setting common goals and parameters that enable those you lead, to act. Control is all about dictating actions and not allowing those under your control to make their own decisions. When it comes to getting children to do homework, control never works simply because they do not have the mental faculties to give up their control and this usually ends up leading directly to the dreaded power struggle. Instead of trying to control your children, guide them by setting goals and having them work within given parameters that will allow them to accomplish these goals. For more great content on homework, check out this post on six tips to help your child with homework. Also, check out this page by Kids Health for more homework advice.

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A strong homework ethic is key to unlocking success. Another great way to help your teen or tween reach their academic goals is to enroll them in tutoring in Sugar Land TX. At The Tutoring Center, Sugar Land TX, you'll find a friendly and enthusiastic team of professionals ready to work with your child to help them reach their academic goals. Call (281) 980-1242 today for a free academic assessment.  


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