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The amount of time we are able to concentrate on a task without giving in to distractions is called attention span. Children’s attention span doesn’t really last long, but we can help them improve it. The Tutoring Center, Sugar Land TX has some suggestions for you.

Figure Out What the Distraction Is

Perhaps your children can’t focus on doing their homework because they are hungry or tired. Don’t put them to work just after they get home from school; give them some time to rest and eat a healthy snack. Try to keep siblings apart while they are doing homework because they might be distracting each other.

Give Clear Instructions

If you want your children to focus, you have to give them clear instructions while you are in the same room and in close proximity to them. Make sure they complete each job before you tell them what else to do. Show them you are paying attention to what they are doing and praise them after they finish.

Set Up a Schedule

Set up a daily homework time, so they do it every day at the same time. Your children’s attention span has a limit, try not to surpass it. Let them work for a small amount of time, 9-12 minutes, and gradually add one minute to the activity.

Take Away Obvious Distractions

Obviously, if you are trying to get your child to concentrate, you should take away any distractions like TV, toys, cellphones or tablets during your scheduled homework time. They should only have the essential material at hand. If they need to use the computer for their assignment, use an internet blocker so they don’t get distracted online.

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