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How to keep summer brain drain from zapping your child's SAT or ACT prep

Not so long ago you were putting them in the crib. Now, you're handing over the keys to the car. Before you know it, you’ll be helping your child move into his/her college dorm room. Time flies and summer is no exception. But don’t let summer break put the brakes on your college-bound student’s SAT or ACT prep.

An academic summer

In an increasingly competitive world, getting into the right college can make an enormous difference in your child’s life. It’s more important than ever to make preparations for your child’s future and that means ongoing SAT or ACT preparation including the summer months. A great place to start is to enroll your child in SAT or ACT tutoring programs.

Provide a structured setting

Even the most disciplined students need a structured learning format to properly prepare for college entrance exams. During the summer, attention span and concentration can easily take a back seat to lounging poolside. The one-to-one instruction tutoring provides can keep your child focused for the upcoming semester.

Practice makes for a perfect score

Tutoring will help your child truly grasp test-taking and study skills to an extent that cannot be matched by a mere prep book. Preparing for the SAT or ACT can be a daunting task for your child on their own. Tutoring can make things easier by assisting your child with the best learning style to suit their individual strengths and “struggle” subjects while reinforcing a preparedness via practice and repetition.

With SAT and ACT prep tutoring programs, the top-notch Tutoring Center in Sugar Land is the best in the city at helping your child (and you) realize their college goals. For a free diagnostic assessment call The Tutoring Center in Sugar Land today at 281-980-1242. And let summer study days become college entrance exam success.


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