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Signs of Burnout in Students

Academic burnout is becoming more and more prevalent as academics get more and more competitive. If you're concerned that your student may be experiencing this, look out for the signs below.

Constant Exhaustion

Students suffering from burnout will be constantly exhausted. While studying late every night and missing out on sleep can lead to fatigue, burnout goes beyond that. Students may not be able to sleep because of the stress they're feeling and the pressure they're trying to deal with. This exhaustion will lead to physical, mental, and emotional fatigue.

Losing Interest in Activities They Loved

This fatigue, along with a lack of motivation and confidence, can lead your student to no longer enjoy things they used to love. They may no longer be interested in classes they once enjoyed and may also avoid social settings and activities they found fun. You must talk to your child about why they no longer want to participate in these things so you can identify burnout and work on making it better.

Physical Signs of Burnout

Because burnout can weigh so heavily on your child, it can lead to physical symptoms. The stress and pressure can lead to stomachaches, headaches, and sore muscles. Your child may get sick more often than usual, and they can develop bad habits to help them cope, such as biting their nails.

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