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Make It Through a Hard Math Problem Without Losing Your Mind

If you're having trouble getting through a tough math problem, don't stress. Instead follow these simple tips from the The Tutoring Center in Sugar Land.

Carefully Read the Question

When you are first presented with the problem, take your time reading it. Even if it doesn't make sense at first glance, do your best to stay calm and avoid letting stress take over. Read the problem a couple times, taking the time to understand each individual part. Keep calm and keep a clear head so that you have an easier time processing the information in the question.

Understand the Problem

Once you've read the question carefully at least a couple times, focus on what the question is asking of you. Identify what kind of problem it is and what type of solution you're looking for. Identify the units used in the question to get a clearer understanding of what the units in your solution should be. Understanding this essential information will make it easier to work towards a solution.

Rewrite the Problem

To make things easier on yourself, take some time to rewrite the problem in a way that makes more sense to you. Rewrite the problem in your own words but make sure the information is correct. You should also rewrite word problems in a mathematical way that will help you visualize the process better. Translating it to a mathematical equation will help you get rid of excess words that cause confusion and stress.

Use Visuals

For visual learners, this tip is especially useful. Turn the information in the math problem into visual representations. You can create charts, maps, graphs and drawings to represent the items included in the question. This method will make visualizing the process to get to the solution much easier. It can also help you relate different pieces of information to each other. Stay organized and make sure you label everything correctly as you use this strategy.

Sort Through the Information

To ensure that you don't make simple mistakes with numbers, double check the information as you write it down. Check that you have correctly copied down numbers and any other information that can cause you to arrive at the incorrect answer. As you sort through the information you are given, keep an eye out for patterns. Oftentimes, patterns will be present and will make getting to a solution much easier. The Tutoring Center near Missouri City can help your child conquer their math homework and ace their math exams. Our academic programs and one-to-one tutoring will ensure your child gets the specialized attention they need. If your child needs tutoring services or extra homework help, give us a call at (281) 980- 1242 to schedule your free consultation!

Develop a Plan

Now that you have all the information you need ready to go, develop a plan to get to the solution. Organize your information and write down the formulas you will need to use. Don't forget to also write down a reminder as to what type of solution you're trying to arrive at and what units it should be in.

Break It Down

Break the problem down into smaller sections that will be less intimidating and easier to complete. Continue to follow your plan and double check your work as you arrive at the solution of each step.

Take a Break

If you can't seem to get to the right solution, take a break before you end up frustrated and stressed. If you're working your way to through an exam, skip the question and move onto others you know how to solve. There's no use wasting time on the question when you can come back to it later. If you're working on homework, take a break from the assignment and clear your head. Stepping away for a bit will help you destress and come back with a fresh attitude and approach.

Ask For Help

If no matter what you do you still can't get the right answer, it's time to ask for help. Work with a friend or ask your teacher for help getting through the steps of the problem. Another person's input can help you see what information you're missing or why you're struggling.

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