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Easy Ways to Keep Your Child Safe Online

Although the internet can be a huge help for students of all ages, this doesn't mean that it's always safe. If you're concerned that your child may run into some danger online, use these tips to keep them safe.

Keep an Eye on Them

The easiest way to ensure your child is able to stay safe online is by keeping an eye on what they're doing. In the past, this would have been easier, but with laptops, tablets, and smartphones, it can become much harder. Young children may need help finding what they want online, which is good news for you since this will make it easier to keep up.

Set Browsing Limits

An easy way to ensure your child stays safe while online is by setting browsing limits. For younger children, this can be easier since parental controls won't affect them too much. Older students will need access to more information, but it's still important that you set limits for them.

Talk to Them

Finally, just making time to talk to your child about the dangers of the internet can help. Let them know that they should never share personal information, photos, or other sensitive information online, and especially not with strangers. Ask your child about the apps they're using so you're sure they're appropriate and safe.

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