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Learning Through Imaginative Play

One of the best ways your child can start building on their math skills at home is through imaginative play. Imaginative play is second nature for children, but it’s still good to encourage it in a way that can help practice math at home. An example of imaginative play that includes math skills is an at-home supermarket where children can practice simple math like counting, adding, and subtracting.

Practicing Math With Games

Practicing math through games is another way to include and improve skills. For example, a game like UNO can help children recognize numbers, and you can use the cards for basic arithmetic. Games like Go Fish are also helpful for recognizing numbers, and you can also use them to identify patterns and memorize numbers and sequences. Lastly, you can use Dominoes for number matching and strategy. All of these games can help develop mathematical thinking in a fun and applied way.

Daily Activities and Math

Finally, math is all around us, and it can be practiced in many situations around your house and neighborhood. These activities don’t only help children practice what they’re learning, but they help make numbers and math something normal. Some ideas can be asking them to read the temperature on your phone’s weather app, which can help with number recognition. Another fun way to practice counting is to choose an object like a car of a particular color on an afternoon walk and count how many they can see.

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