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Tips for Reading a Textbook Effectively

Textbooks are an integral part of school, but that doesn't mean your child will love them. In fact, many textbooks can be tough to read, causing your child some frustration. Help them get the most out of their reading with these tips.

Take Notes While Reading

A textbook may not be the most exciting thing to read, but it must get done. To ensure your child absorbs what they're reading, encourage them to take notes as they read. Have them keep a notebook and pens by their side and make note of important information. This will help them absorb the information better while giving them notes to study from later on.

Read Out Loud

Silent reading may be fine when your child is reading a book they enjoy, but for textbooks, reading aloud can be more effective. Since the language in a textbook may be more academic, it can sound a lot more complicated than it really is. Because of this, things can get confusing. By reading aloud, your child will be able to focus on the main ideas better and retain this information more effectively.

Highlight the Most Important Parts

As your child reads, they may be overwhelmed by the amount of information in a small paragraph. To make this easier to digest, encourage them to highlight the most important parts of what they read. If they don't own the book and can't write in it, sticky notes are a great alternative that won't leave any marks.

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