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Help Your Child Prepare a Class Presentation

Class presentations aren't usually something many students look forward to. If your child has been assigned a class presentation and they're stressed out trying to figure out how to get it done, these tips from The Tutoring Center, Sugar Land can help.

Give It Structure

If your child has no idea where to start their presentation, help them break it down into more manageable chunks. To start, their presentation should include an introduction where they briefly explain their topic. After this, they should jump into the body of the presentation. Here, they should explain their main ideas followed by supporting details. Finally, their presentation shouldn't come to an abrupt ending. Instead, it should come to a smooth conclusion where they tie everything together.

Prepare a Visual Aid

Most presentations will require some sort of visual aid to support your child's information. If your child is preparing slides that they will project in class, have them follow these guidelines:
  • Use minimal text.
  • When using text, use a large and readable font and use colors that make it easy to read.
  • Include images, videos, graphs, and charts that will present the information in a more visually appealing manner.

Practice Makes Perfect

If your child is feeling nervous about the public speaking part, have them practice their presentation at home. Gather your family and friends and sit in as a practice audience for your child. After practicing this a few times, your child will likely feel more comfortable and confident when presenting their work.

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