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Help Your Child Take Better Notes

One of the best study tools your child has is their class notes. That is, of course, if they know how to take effective notes. Taking great notes doesn't require a lot of work, just some attention to the way they do it. To help your child take the best notes possible, check out these tips.

Focus on the Important Details

To start, your child shouldn't try to write down everything their teacher is saying. This will be a huge waste of time since your child will end up with a ton of information. Oftentimes, this information won't be complete because writing everything the teacher says may be impossible. Instead, your child should focus on writing down the important information being shared. This may mean important dates, the names of important figures, or formulas they will need to solve a math problem. They can use highlighters or colored pens to ensure this information stands out on the page.

Pay Attention

As your child takes notes, they should also be paying attention to the lesson. If they focus their full attention on writing, they won't know what their notes mean. Once it comes time to review their notes, they won't have any idea what any of it means. If they pay attention while taking notes, they will also be able to ask for clarification when something doesn't make sense to them. This will help them get the most out of the lesson and their notes.

Share Your Notes

Sharing notes with classmates can be a huge help, especially if there are parts where your child was a bit lost. Their classmates may also catch some things your child didn't while they were busy writing their notes. This is a great way to compliment each other's notes and have a complete set.

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