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Improve Reading Skills with these Online Sites

Get your pre-reader moving, singing and on the road to becoming a fluent reader with internet websites designed for your young child.

Leading to Reading

Leading to Reading offers two levels, “Babies and Toddlers” and “Preschoolers." The first section contains music, read along out loud, lullabies (in several different languages), games, and videos. Turn on one of the videos, referred to as “Finger Plays,” which uses popular rhymes and hand gestures to teach coordination.


“Preschoolers” offers activities that are a step up from “Babies and Toddlers,” as it focuses more on letter recognition and reading comprehension. Along with sing-a-longs and games, there are books and an exploration section that features nonfiction videos, fun facts, and videos about animals.


The “Grown-ups” tab contains articles and ideas to get your child reading, author interviews, and featured books. Also available and free are downloadable coloring pages that reinforce the alphabet. Besides having stories and lullabies in different languages, this entire site can be translated into Spanish.


Starfall is every teacher’s best-kept secret. This site is the complete package, transitioning your child from letter and sound recognition to fluency and comprehension. Students from pre-school all the way to second grade, as well as special education students and English language learners, will enjoy these phonics-based, interactive animations. There are four levels: “ABCs”, “Learn to Read," “It’s Fun to Read" and “I’m Reading." "ABCs” focuses on the basics of the alphabet. “Learn to Read” begins to include vocabulary and grammar. “It’s Fun to Read” and “I’m Reading” get your child on the road to comprehension and fluency with more difficult texts from a variety of genres. Most of the lessons are followed up with a reinforcement activity or interactive book.

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