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Being able to pay attention is one of the most useful tools your child can have to succeed in school (and life). Still, it’s not always easy to keep them focused! If you’re having a bit of trouble with your child in this area, The Tutoring Center in Sugar Land will share with you a few tips on how to increase his/her attention span!

How to Increase Your Child's Attention Span

Build an Appropriate Study Environment

Being comfortable, in a well-lit space with little to no distractions is a key factor in making sure you stay focused.

Use Up the Energy

It’s difficult for children to keep focus if they have a lot of energy stored. Give them time to run around and play, so they can let it out!

Teach Relaxation

Teach your child to breathe in deeply to lower his/her body’s rhythm and become more relaxed and receptive.

Engage Totally

Writing things down as you go helps your brain stay focused on what’s being said. Encourage your child to do the same.

Set Goals

Setting achievable goals (and rewards) will help your child visualize what needs to be done and work for it.

Make it Fun!

Increase your child’s attention span by giving him/her puzzles to complete or other fun but demanding activities.


Talking or asking questions about a subject can help process the information a lot better, thus increasing the attention span!

Take Breaks

Cramming everything up at once can be very exhausting! Make sure to give your child breaks, so s/he doesn’t lose focus.

Keep Him/Her Healthy

Being sleepy, hungry or sick is a surefire way to ensure your child’s attention will be elsewhere!


We often lose interest (and attention) on things we don’t fully understand. Ensure your child understands what’s going on for him/her to be able to stay focused.

For Tutoring in Sugar Land

As mentioned above, understanding a subject is key to keep interest in it. If your child is having a bit of trouble at school, this may be the reason for it. In this case, a tutor may be able to help!

Here at The Tutoring Center, we offer personalized tutoring that will adapt to your child’s style and needs. Call (281) 980-1242 to learn more about our approach and the programs we offer.


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