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Algebra is a tricky subject for several kids, especially for many students with learning disabilities. Before getting too deep into algebra, The Tutoring Center in Sugar Land has a few math tips and reminders to hopefully make advanced math easier to understand from the get-go. 


Math is a subject that builds off of the simplest concepts into a complex world of equations, rules, and problems. If a child doesn’t have the basics mastered (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), they will never understand how to solve compound algebraic expressions. Spend time practicing with flashcards and tables until students can confidently answer long equations using a pencil and paper.

Know the Language

Algebra introduces new mathematical terminology that students won’t be familiar with. If they are reading a question, and don’t know the vocabulary within the problem, they won’t be able to write the correct equation. Some of the basic, must-know algebraic vocabulary words are integer, rational numbers, irrational numbers, real numbers, exponent, term, and variable, among many more. Find a good, but not too advanced, list of vocabulary and memorize the definitions. Only when the student understands the word problem, they can turn it into numbers.

Work from the Bottom, Up

As mentioned earlier, math is a subject that builds off the concepts before it; algebra is no different. Be sure students fully understand one concept before trying to move on to the next. If something is confusing now, skipping past will only create problems in the future. In many situations, students may need one-to-one instruction. Slow, step-by-step instruction is the best way to help those who don’t fully understand. For specially designed one-to-one instruction in Sugar Land, call The Tutoring Center today at (281) 980-1242.

Finally, remember to be patient. Students, parents, and teachers can all get overwhelmed for different reasons and math can be very stressful at times. Just take it easy, and with the right program, math can become like a second language for anybody.


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