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Integrated Reading May Not Be Best

Integration seems to be a priority for school budget's nationwide. But is it best for students? Reading is required in all subjects. In math, students read word problems. Some school districts have implemented plans to integrate reading and writing into other classes, and eliminate writing or reading specific courses.

Infusion May Lead to Dilution

Some school districts have announced they would be infusing reading into other classes and doing away with reading specific classes. Many opponents argue five minutes spent journaling in gym class will not teach grammar, punctuation, and strong written communication skills.

Lack of Communication

Legislators are citing budgetary reasons for the cut in writing and reading specific courses. Supporters claim students will not suffer in any way from these changes mainly because writing and reading skills are assessed daily in all school subjects. With schools already cutting back on various programs, such as music and art, in response to budget cuts, might writing and reading classes or requirements follow suit? If this is the case, maybe it is time for parents and opponents to speak out and up. When it comes to learning writing and reading less is certainly not more.

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