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Each kid is different, which means that each one probably learns about the world in a unique, distinctive way. The problem is that many teachers (understandably) can’t cater to each individual learning style, which may result in your child not doing great in school!

If you want to aid your child, so s/he can do better in the academic department, this post by The Tutoring Center in Sugar Land will provide a few tips on how to approach each learning style!

Tips for Each Learning Style!

For the Visual Kid

As its name states, visual stimuli is what catches the attention of the people who have this learning style. They’re usually good at remembering people, colors, pictures, etc.

- Help them create diagrams, graphics, and mental maps
- Make sure they highlight and use colors to accent important information
- Encourage them to draw illustrations related to the subject
- Search for videos that explain a certain lesson

For the Auditory Learner

For them, sound is the main channel through which they receive information. Conversations, music, and spoken lectures are easy to identify, understand, and even remember.

- Use mnemotechnic devices that rhyme and have rhythm 
- If possible, have them record the lectures
- Teach them to study in groups and to have discussions with their teachers and classmates
- Tell them to repeat the lessons out loud when studying

For the Kinesthetic Student

Kinesthetic learning has to do with movement, body awareness, and physical activities.  These people are often perceived as fidgety and have great amounts of energy!

- Try to incorporate a physical dynamic for each lesson 
- Make sure the study sessions have breaks and avoid distractions
- Drawings and diagrams can also help them learn
- Allow them to tap their feet and grab things while studying

For Extra Help…

As explained above, teachers can’t always pay special attention to each child! Still, if your kid is having a bit of trouble, a tutor may be what s/he needs! Here at The Tutoring Center, we have tutors in Sugar Land that will adapt to your child’s learning style, so s/he can achieve greatness in tests, classes, and more! Call (281) 980-1242 to get started!


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