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Here at The Tutoring Center in Sugar Land we care about helping to create well-rounded, academically and socially successful students. We recently wrote about building your child’s confidence and some of the ways that can be achieved. One of the best ways to help build the confidence of your child is by helping him or her experiment with leadership skills. There are many programs available to help build leadership, as well as ready-made opportunities.

Remember the options outside academia by allowing your child to get a part time job after school with the possibility of advancement, or encouraging your child to become involved in volunteer/community service activities.

Extracurricular activities are a great opportunity for your child to lead. Keep in mind that there is usually a faculty sponsor to clubs and activities, but many of them are student led. Some possibilities to consider are:
- Dance
- Sports
- Academic teams or school government
- Drama
- School sponsored publications
     - Literary magazine
     - Newspaper
     - Yearbook
- Technical clubs
- Peer tutoring

Steps to Leadership

As you’ve already begun to evaluate the passions of your child, be sure that he or she is in a leadership position in an area he or she really does enjoy
This opportunity should help your child become a more reliable person, working well with others
Ensure that your child is ready to take action and lead by example

These are some simple tips to take into consideration as your child is looking to build his or her confidence and academic resume by gaining leadership experience. You should also keep in mind that he or she may need some assistance in an academic area, in which case you should contact us at The Tutoring Center. For tutoring in Sugar Land, give us a call at (281) 980-1242.


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