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Different Types of Learning Distractions That Can Affect Students

It's no secret that most students aren't fond of homework or studying. Because of this, it can be quite easy for them to get distracted when they're supposed to be hard at work. There are a number of different distractions that can affect your child's productivity. Below are some of the most common distractors your child may be dealing with and tips on how to overcome them.

Internal Learning Distractions

Children who can't concentrate because of the thoughts running through their head may need help dealing with internal distractors. Self-doubt, worries about an important exam, and general stress can all impede your child's study efforts. If you notice your child has been reading the same page in their textbook for the last 20 minutes, it may be because internal distractors are getting in the way of them absorbing the information they're reading. Talk to your child about what is affecting their studying. They may just need to talk to someone about what is bothering them so that they can move on with a clear mind.

External Learning Distractions

External distractions may be easier to recognize because they tend to be very visible. Your child's cellphone, their friends, and loud music in the next room are all examples of external distractors. If your child's concentration gets interrupted every five minutes by their cellphone or if they're trying to study with a friend but they just end up gossiping, you may need to step in to help them remove the distractions. Encourage your child to study with people who help them increase their productivity and turn their study area into an electronics-free zone. What works for one child may not work for all, so try out different ways to improve their concentration.

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