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Being a good reader seems to be a rare skill in children these days; they spend the whole day checking their social networks and swiftly moving their thumbs on their smart phones and tablets. Are your children like that? 

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to teach your children the passion for reading. That’s why, The Tutoring Center in Sugar Land would like to give you a few tips to encourage them to grab a book.  


Thousands of stories are waiting for your children in this great place, so make sure to have a valid library card! The librarian can always provide you with great book recommendations, however, you should allow your children to explore each genre according to their interests and hobbies.  

Be an Example

Your children will always follow your example, so make sure to set the right one - try to get caught enjoying your book. Also, schedule a reading time when the whole family gets together to enjoy their books. 

Create a Reading Environment

Fill your house with reading material and make sure that it’s within the reach of your children. Don’t forget to create a comfortable reading space in your house and make sure it is well-lit.  

Don’t Use Bribes

Forcing or bribing your children to read never works, in fact, it can make them dislike this wonderful activity. You can give them a small treat to trigger their curiosity, although they should slowly learn the joys of reading, without expecting a reward every time they finish a book. 

The benefits of regular reading are countless: it expands the vocabulary, it boost imagination and it prepares students to face the upcoming academic challenges. We know that you are always looking for a way to help your children, and summer tutoring is a great opportunity to provide them with the strategies and abilities for the next school year. 

At The Tutoring Center, we know that each of our students is different. For this reason, we offer a free diagnostic assessment to learn their academic strengths and weaknesses. Consider us, next time you are looking for tutoring in Sugar Land.

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