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As we are not too far into the school year, we certainly hope that your child is succeeding at staying organized, thus far. We know that it’s a challenge, but it is also true that there is a relationship between organization and success. If you believe that your child may not be hitting the mark when it comes to organization, it isn’t too late to start over and get him or her on the right track for this school year. The Tutoring Center in Sugar Land would like to provide you with SIX tips to help your child stay organized and ready for academic excellence. 

Set Goals

Surely, one of the goals you set should be to stay organized, but that’s not all. Think about what you would to accomplish today, this week, or even more broadly, this year. Your goals can be both academic and personal. Just remember to prioritize these goals, write them down, and brainstorm about how you can accomplish them. It may also help to have someone keep you accountable to what you say you will do in order to accomplish them. 

Avoid Clutter

Avoid having a messy workspace, backpack, or locker. A great way to start is by ensuring that you have no loose papers. Put them in folders, notebooks, or get rid of those you do not need anymore. 

Designate a Study Space

With the assistance of your parents, designate a workspace in your home. You should avoid your bed for this purpose, we know it’s comfortable, and this is exactly why it’s not a great place to study. Try the kitchen table, a desk in your room, or some other place in the home. Make sure it is free from clutter and distraction. This is the place you will go to get things done. Also have a place in your home where you can put your backpack, projects, homework, and anything else you’ll need for school the following day. This is a great way to avoid the morning rush of getting everything together. 

Write It Down

Though you may possible remember, there is also the likelihood that you won’t. Write it down to avoid this dilemma. Another option that may be well intentioned is to take a picture of your assignments due with your phone. Sure, you may innocently enough take out your phone to remind yourself of the homework, but you then have unlimited distraction at your fingertips. It’s best to avoid your phone as much as possible, while doing homework or studying.  

Use a Planner

Getting a planner that is divided into days, is a great way to keep track of what is due. The more detail you write down, the better. If you have an assignment that is due sometime in the future it is advisable to write it down the day it is assigned, when it is due, as well as writing reminders in between so you can be working on it. 

Break It Up and Work it Out

Know what works best for you, keeping in mind that your academics should take priority. Does it work for you to work on the most difficult assignments first, leaving the easier ones to finish with, or vise versa? Know yourself, and if you need to take a break, do so. Take a jog around the block, get a snack, wash your face, but then get back to work, recharged. 

While it is true that organization is linked to success, it is still possible that even an organized child will need some academic assistance. This is what The Tutoring Center is here for, and we are ready with dedicated and professional students to help your child succeed. Contact us at (281) 980-1242 in order to schedule an appointment today for tutoring in Sugar Land.


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