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The food they eat can have a marked effect on a child’s academic performance, so it’s important to make sure your child is going to school equipped with the fuel to get through a busy day and make the most of their education. To do our bit, The Tutoring Center in Sugarland would like to offer a few tips on assembling the ideal packed lunch.


It’s crucial that your child have the energy to get through the day without flagging, and for that they need carbohydrates! Complex carbohydrates are best, as they release energy slowly over the course of a longer period than their refined counterparts. Try replacing white bread and pasta with their whole grain counterparts, or pack some quinoa or lentils for a super-healthy carb source.


Protein is essential for building strong bodies and brains, so make sure to include a healthy protein source too. Lean meats such as good quality ground beef or poultry such as grilled chicken are excellent choices, as are eggs and dairy products. Vegetarian options are easily available too; tofu and other soy products are very rich in protein, as are lentils and nuts.

Fruit & vegetables

It’s no secret that your child needs their fruit and veg! They’re the main source of vitamins and minerals in our diet, so be sure to include some leafy veg in their sandwich or salad, and provide a delicious fruity dessert in place of candy.

Avoid processed foods, sugary snacks and sodas

Store-bought snacks, even the ones marketed as health foods, are often packed with unpleasant additives and unnecessary added sugar. Check the labels on foods at the store and, if you can’t find a healthy option, consider replacing them with homemade fruit and nut bars or flapjacks. Avoid soda as its high sugar content can lead to hyperactivity and problems concentrating, plus it’s very unhealthy and bad for your child’s teeth! Fruit juices are OK in moderation, but they are surprisingly sugary too. Milk is a great drink to choose as it’s rich in protein and calcium. 

Try to include some of the 7 superfoods for active children we discussed in an earlier blog post for a further nutritional boost, too.

Of course, providing the right food isn’t the only thing you can do to help your child prosper. If you feel that they are struggling in any academic area, you could also consider hiring a tutor. The Tutoring Center offer free diagnostic assessments to pinpoint exactly how best to aid our students, so call (281) 980-1242 to organize tutoring in Sugarland today.


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