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SAT Prep Tips for Students

As your child's SAT test date approaches, they're probably getting more and more nervous by the day. Since this test can affect their academic future, it makes sense that it can make students feel stressed out and anxious. To help your child calm their nerves and...

Time Management Tips to Teach Your Student

As students get older, their workload and commitments tend to get more demanding. If your child is struggling to keep up with all of their commitments, they may just need to develop better time management skills. To help them do this, check out these...

How to Help Your Child Spend Less Time in Front of Screens

Screens have become a normal part of most students' lives because they're used for everything, from entertainment to academics. However, all this time being spent absorbed in a screen can be bad for your child's physical health as well...

Rainy Day Activities to Try at Home

The rainy season is just around the corner, meaning plenty of evenings and weekend spent indoors as a result of the rainy weather. If your child gets antsy and bored quite quickly on these rainy days, keep them busy with some fun at-home activities.

Make Books...


Keep Your Child Learning This Winter Break

Winter break is your child's time to relax and take a break from their stressful school routine. It's important that they get some downtime to wind down and destress, but keeping their mind engaged is also a must. Instead of having them do practice...

Tips to Help Your Child Prepare for Exams

When it comes to exams, it takes more than just studying to get the grade you're after. Planning and sticking to healthy habits can also contribute significantly to your child being able to reach their target grades. To help them prepare for upcoming...

How Your Child Can Benefit from After School Activities

Enrolling your child in after-school activities can provide your child with much more than just a fun activity to participate in. Even if your child doesn't realize it, after-school activities offer tons of benefits. Below are some examples...

Early Math Skills for Young Learners

It's not uncommon for students just entering school to already have a well-developed set of academic skills. In fact, it's best to start teaching your child basic lessons in order to lay down an academic foundation they can build on once they enter school....

The Main Benefits of Learning a Second Language

There are tons of benefits associated with learning a foreign language, including better job prospects and increased creativity. If you're not sure how else your child may benefit from learning a foreign language, check out the following...

Fun Summer Activities to Fight off the Summer Slide

Although most children get very excited about the idea of being on summer break, the reality of it may be quite boring. Playing video games all day and just lounging around the house can get exhausting and boring quite fast. To help your child...


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