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Enjoying  the companionship of a hamster, turtle, goldfish, dog, or cat can help your child with emotional, physical, social, and cognitive development. Here at the Tutoring Center in Sugar Land, Texas, we have a motto that says, “Empowering Children to Reach Their Potential” and we believe anything that will help them do this is a viable source of learning, including owning a pet.

Social Skills

A pet can bridge the gap between a shy child and potential playmates. Children are drawn to pets and if one child is petting or playing with one, more children with naturally come over to play too. With adult guidance, this teaches children to be aware, gentle, and share with others.

Emotional Development

Learning to care for a pet helps build confidence, self-esteem, and gives the child a sense of responsibility. Parents must guide the child with age-appropriate tasks for taking care of the pet. It is necessary for the safety of the pet and the child as well. In the case of a family dog, a three-year-old can help with feeding. A five-year-old can learn to groom the dog. An eight-year-old can independently walk the dog. By the teen years, a child can take on the bulk of caring for the dog.

Cognitive Development

Your child may develop an interest in a specific type of animal. Encourage your child to read about their favorite pet or with parental guidance, research on the internet to learn about the pet's needs and characteristics as well as to contact other owners of the same type of pet.

Pets can help build confidence, and building confidence is one of the goals here at the Tutoring Center in Sugar Land, Texas. For more information, call (281) 980-1242 or e-mail for information on tutoring in Sugar Land.


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